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24 October 2008 @ 12:04 am
More icons!

We've got:
[3] Gossip Girl
[16] Twilight/Twilight actors
[8] Jim Sturgess
[4] Breakfast At Tiffany's


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22 October 2008 @ 08:41 pm
I haven't created a tutorial for awhile!

We'll go from:


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22 October 2008 @ 04:10 pm
Haven't done one of these for awhile! Most of them are Twilight related. I can't stop. But I did make a couple POTC ones. I think I'll work on some Office and Audrey Hepburn icons next. I need to get off the Twilight kick. Cross-posted to my personal journal: jessterroux .


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A few more Twilight icons for your viewing (and using) pleasure.

[2] Kristen Stewart
[2] Edward Cullen
[1] Emmett Cullen
[2] Kristen and Rob
[5] Robert Pattinson


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26 June 2008 @ 04:05 am
Twicon time! I have 19 Twilight-related icons to share with everyone. I will have more coming soon, including non-Twilight icons--I don't want to go too crazy before December. I also have a few headers with matching icons to share in a day or two, including the one currently being used here! Exciting.

You are welcome to use the following icons, but please please please don't steal and give credit. Merci! And without further ado...

2 Emmett & Rosalie
2 Bella Swan
5 Edward & Bella
4 Edward Cullen
3 Robert Pattinson
1 Cullen Family
1 Jasper Hale
1 Jasper & Alice
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Twilight fanmix? Yes, please!
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Eek! It's been ages since I last posted. College, my job, and travel have monopolized most of my time. Oh, and the occasional bar-hopping weekend. But with a new (well, new at Christmas) computer and Photoshop CS3, I am getting back into the wonderful world of graphic making. I'm a bit rusty (okay, really rusty), but I'm having fun messing around.

With that said, hopefully this graphic journal will become more active again. Summer classes end this week (huzzah!) so I'll have a bit of free time on my hands, at least until the end of July when I go away for a wedding. And then I'll be gone again in August to Greece--Opa! But yes...lots of graphicness in store for the summer.

I guess to kick start the rebirth of this journal, I have a few icons I've made somewhat recently. Please remember the rules when snagging these (you can check them out in my user info...but basically, don't steal, don't hotlink, and please give credit).

4 Sweeney Todd
4 Orlando Bloom
4 Justin Timberlake
1 Edward Cullen (Twilight)
1 Ratatouille
1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
10 11 12
13 14
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Unfortunately, my Silver Red and Vibrancy base sets have been removed from Deviant Art because of "copyright infringement". It was stupid of me to post them on there: they're not stock images. So, from now on, all my base sets will be available ONLY through Photobucket albums, unless I end up paying for a domain and server space.

Please check my resources for information of where all images used are from.


P.S. Not sure when I'll update next. Maybe expect some random things tomorrow or Monday?

P.P.S. Jimmy Kimmel last night made my LIFE. Major props to J.J. and Dom...and to anyone who knows where I can find a screencap of Dom with "Binky" and "Ba Ba".
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11 May 2006 @ 06:19 pm
Sorry for the update delay. I was just so shell-shocked by last night's excellent Lost episode. Is it Wednesday yet?

BIG POST! Right now I have a few different things to offer. First, I have another icon texture set, which I titled "Color Me Textured". They're nothing really special, just a few colorful, grungy icon textures. Secondly, to go along with the whole Spring Meets Summer theme, I have a set of spring and summer icon bases up for grabs. Next, I have a wallpaper to share with everyone. I made it after watching the new Pride & Prejudice film. Last, I have quite a few icons to share. They're all pretty random; look below for the breakdown.

Follow the cuts for everything.

And now for the icons. Here is the breakdown:
6 Lost
5 Stock Images
3 Hedwig and the Angry Inch
2 Dom
2 Lord of the Rings
2 Emilie De Ravin
1 Orlando Bloom
1 Evangeline Lilly
1 Billy Boyd

Preview (follow the cut to view them all):
1 2 3

Whew. That's all for now! Enjoy! If you have ANY questions, comments, or suggestions whatsoever, please feel free to leave a comment. I'm friendly and I promise I don't bite. : ) Don't hesitate to FRIEND ME either.
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10 May 2006 @ 04:47 pm
Wednesday is my favorite day!

For right now, I have two quick updates: two different sets of icon textures. One set I entitled "think! pink" and is inspired by that girly album I made. The second set is "Spring Meets Summer" and is just a set of summery gradient icon textures. I actually created each one of them using spring and summer stock photos.

Follow the cuts for download information.

I hope everyone enjoys! I will have more updates later today, but don't expect anything between 9-10 tonight (that's when my whole world stops for Lost). Also, feel free to friend me. : )
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