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Please pose my skeletal remains, give them a working pen.

18 January
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about this journal

This is my (jessterroux) graphics journal. I created this journal to share my artwork with the online community. I will be posting icons, banners, wallpapers, blends, tutorials, and more!


I exclusively use Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended (the most recent version) for all my graphics and swear by it. I use no other program. If you are not familiar with Photoshop, try it out. There is a REASON it sells for several hundred dollars!

Look in my memories for a full list of my graphics resources, including images, media, brushes, textures, gradients, and helpful tutorials.

my graphics and tutorials

To easily navigate my posted graphics and tutorials, check out my memories for a comprehensive list. Also, feel free to add them to your OWN memories.

I am very open to tips, suggestions, and constructive criticism regarding my graphics/tutorials. Don't be afraid to voice your opinion, as long as it is in an objective, mature manner.

using my graphics

You are more than welcome to snatch graphics for your own personal use. If you borrow/snatch my graphics, PLEASE follow these rules:

1. Do NOT steal, claim as your own, and redistribute.
2. If you use a base to create your own graphic, please leave a comment. Credit, for bases, is not required, but GREATLY GREATLY appreciated.
3. If you use my graphics on message boards/websites/communities/etc. CREDIT ME. A simple link--or comment left on my journal if appropriate--will suffice.
4. Please DO NOT alter my graphics in any way unless it is SPECIFICALLY noted as a base.
5. NO direct linking! Upload graphics to your OWN server. Try Photobucket.com or Picturetrail.com for easy uploading.
6. Please, if you use my graphics in any way, leave a quick comment to let me know. You do not have to have a LiveJournal account to comment.

about me

I am a junior at Penn State University majoring in English (minor in international studies and business, emphasis in publishing and creative writing). In the future, I would like to work towards a Master's, hopefully at Columbia, NYU, or the University of Iowa. I someday dream of being a published author and/or editor.

I am a big music buff. I played piano for 8 years (learned by the Suzuki method), but am sorely out of practice; I think my repertoire consists of Musetta's Waltz and a badly played version of Minuet 3. A year of playing French horn showed me that my musical talents are slim. But, I love, love, love listening to music and have a deep appreciation for all genres.

I also love books. They are my best friends. I collect them. I am also very fortunate to own an almost full set of first edition Nancy Drew books. Seriously, who needs friends when you have books?

Travel also rocks my world. I have been to much of the continental U.S., and also Scotland, England, France and Belgium. This summer I hope to make a journey to Greece.

I love playing around with Photoshop and making websites (I am self-taught!). I spend a decent amount of time graphic-making and unfortunately, I haven't had the time or motivation to get serious again about web design. Maybe someday soon, though...

contacting me

PLEASE do not send me spam, junk e-mails, chain e-mails, or silly forwards.

e-mail: jnf130@hotmail.com (best way to contact me)
AIM: JustJesstin
Other LiveJournals: jessterroux (personal), rouxjetaime (writing)

You can also leave me a comment on any entry.


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